1. Easy to create & manage invoices
  2. Various delivery methods
  3. Recurring invoice set up
  1. 5 different payment options for your customers to maximize your cash flow
  2. Direct debit enables you to focus on your core business
  3. Recurring payment set up for recurring invoice
  1. Automatic payment update
  2. Useful transaction search function
  3. Deliver statements in various methods
  1. Different types of reports available
  2. Quick chat with consultants available over the phone or online
  3. Provide a cost effective solution for your business
  1. Simple to operate
  2. Web based system: no need to install and able to access anywhere
  3. iPhone app available for mobile users
  1. Your information is transmitted and stored securely and is safe from third parties
  2. Data backed up securely and not accessible by anyone else
" iinvoice's service is what we've been waiting for; managing invoicing and payment service separately had been one of the business pain spots but now everything is managed through iinvoice, which saves us time and money! The support team also rocks! It's great to see an online service company being so responsive and helpful! Good on you, iInvoice! Keep up the good work! "
- Jerry
" We invoice thousands of customers per month and it was taking up too much of our time and resources and collections has always been a nightmare. iinvoice has taken over this laborious but necessary facet of our business and now we can concentrate on growing our business. Simple to use, guaranteed income on time, economical (inexpensive) compared to other similar services, easily adaptable to the needs of my business. What more can you ask for! "
- Joe
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